Thursday, September 25, 2014

2014 Kenya Recap

Coming to the end of another 4 week rotation in Kenya, as I reflect on what has been accomplished I'm quite pleased.

Our x-ray truck is finally operational and has visited several rural sites taking x-rays for many patients without major issues. The images are being uploaded to the PACS and are now ready for interpretation by radiologists. I've been waiting for years to write that sentence. 


I had a ton of food adventures during the four weeks including:
  • Making yogurt with Patrick and Wendy
  • Granola with Jess (fruit after baking, doh!)
  • Making Jon Laws' pickled green beans with Jess
  • A Lebanese feast prepared by Jess
  • Cucumber pickles with Patrick
  • Three amazing meals with Jane who makes everything look easy
  • One 'oven surprise'
  • Ugali that actually tastes like something edible at a Moi's Brigde choma zone (pictured above)
  • Brie and Peppered salami imported from Nairobi
  • Chili paneer from Siek Union
  • Dinner at Sanjeel complete with cheese nan and tandoori paneer 
  • A fabulous send-off dinner complete with a pumpkin cheesecake by Jess and Katy
Overall, I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel to Kenya, bring new services to patients, and have an amazing group of friends. 

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