Friday, June 27, 2014

Afternoons in Italy - Rimini and San Marino

In the afternoons, we ventured out into and around Rimini, as well as visting the nearby republic of San Marino, and a 2 hour drive to see the Ducati factory and museum, a visit to San Marino (the world's oldest republic), and a visit to a nearby town known for ceramics.  We also worked on eating lots of gelato.

Rimini is an Italian, Russian, and Croatian tourist destination.  It's the central town along 9 miles of beach.  The entire stretch of beach is developed with little lots of bagno (translates to bathroom).  Each bagno has activities like beach volleyball, private rooms, restaurants, bars, tons and tons of umbrellas, and of course bathrooms.  They go on forever as far as you can see.

There was a vespa get together one of the days, which made for some fun photos.  Near the center of town, there's a harbor and a pier that you can walk out along with a huge ferris wheel and cool statue at the end.

One afternoon we spent visiting San Marino which is the world's oldest republic.  Even today, it's considered it's own country which is enclosed within Italy.  They have a separate postal service, different license plates and are permitted to mint Euros with their own designs.  The old town of San Marino has a history that dates back to medieval times and it's known for it's three watchtowers, two of which serve as museums today.

San Marino is on top of a giant hill, so the views are spectacular all the way around.

More fabulous views no #instagram filters required.

The second San Marino Guard tower in the background.

Beautiful private homes along the road to the old town.

Views of Rimini and the Ocean in the background behind my beautiful travel partners.  More side trip info coming in our next post!

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