Thursday, September 5, 2013

X-ray Truck Update

Here she is - our X-ray truck.

The generator is housed inside the truck for transportation and slides out super easily on a track into the running position.

Inside, there's space for the patient to stand in front of the cassette, and a small desk for the technologist to process the images.  Clem's sitting on a sweet stool that pulls out from the wall.

Here's Peter Otunga, our radiographer demonstrating the technique to take an X-ray.  There is shielding throughout the truck to protect the public.

Here's a picture of me in position, about to get an X-ray :-)  We were able to successfully take X-rays of a few of the people around.

The X-rays turned out pretty well - this was my first ever if you can even believe that!

We still have many, many bugs to work out and have lots of things to do to improve the process but it's exciting to see things starting to come together!


Joseph Davis said...

Is that a nodule I see...?

AMFM said...

Congratulations Marc for making it all work! Anna Marie

Marc Kohli said...

Joe - what, where, huh?? I was more worried about cardiomegaly!

Thanks Anna Marie, we still have a ton of work to do!