Friday, September 27, 2013

With a Little Help From My Friends

When I asked the registrars what they would like to learn about they said: MRI physics.  In my head, I said "crap".  MRI physics is a subject that I've learned in the past several times over, and it's easy to forget and get confused.   I haven't looked over the material in quite some time, and I didn't have an easy outline or set of prepared slides - crap!

So, I asked for help from several of my colleagues: Drs. Buckwalter, Aisen, and Sandrasegaran all came to the rescue and gave me powerpoint lectures to use.  The registrars attended, and were attentive for 6 hours of MRI physics over a few days.  This post is a thank you to those who assisted not only me, but many young Kenyan radiologists.

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