Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday I spent more time working with the registrars - we went over some teaching cases together for about two hours, then I went to work on the X-ray truck.  We are completing several finishing touches, including finishing up the box that holds the cassettes.  We pulled the gas tank off of the generator and have called the vendor at least 3 times per day x 3 days.   Hopefully the generator won't prohibit us from moving forward for too long.  We may have to rig something up with a tube that feeds the petcock, will just have to see.

This weekend, I've been kind of a hermit programming.  I'm taking the opportunity to crank out some software changes that I don't usually get the time to concentrate on at home due to competing priorities.

Yesterday as a work break, I headed over to Patrick and Wendy's.  I thought that I was going to help brew some beer, but quickly realized that Patrick needed help building an extension to his fence so that Miwani (the cute little dog that we run with) won't be able to jump the fence to play with the kids next door.  Patrick has contributed so much to the X-ray truck that it was a lot of fun to be able to give a bit back.  I also got to work with Deb, another long-termer here in Kenya.  We had a great time.  Hopefully the extension will be able to hold the little dog back!

Sunday consisted of a short run, more programming, and another bike ride.  This time Patrick really kicked my butt.  We were riding through a field that had these big clumps of grass and tiny little cow/human paths that were like 5-6" deep ruts.  There wasn't a whole lot of pedal clearance and one time I clipped my pedal and "lightly" racked.  Overall it was a good challenge - it's so nice to be able to maintain some physical fitness while I'm here.

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