Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've been so busy with the truck that I haven't had much time to interact with the registrars.  I finally got some time to spend reading cases with them yesterday.  Again the case mix is heavy on neuro, and they were also reporting plain X-rays and fluoro studies, which have been fewer in the past.

The CT scanner is running a ton.  They are doing 25-30 scans/day which is a lot more than had previously been performed.  We were kept busy with many cases to report.

Today, I lectured on ultrasound physics and then we spent some time trying to do a hands-on practical, but alas we ran into equipment problems.  The Philips machine that we were using last year that was in great shape has deteriorated.  The workhorse curvilinear probe wires wore out and it's no longer usable.
The other ultrasound machine that they brought in seemed like it had the capability to work, but the pulse-wave would never update.  We ended up in the OB department borrowing one of their machines to talk about liver doppler.

It's heartbreaking to see equipment that can't easily be maintained.  Just another thing that we take for granted at home.

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