Thursday, September 19, 2013

Humpty Dumpty

Today we had another bit of drama with the truck.  You can see a laptop affixed to a desk behind Clem, and then up above is our digital X-ray reader (worth about $25k).  During the three weeks that we have been working on finishing and testing, the truck has been in the exact same location.

In order to seal the roof, they wanted to move the truck into the sun.  Unfortunately, despite good instructions to the contrary, the truck was moved before the desk was permanently fixed to the truck.  The laptop and the digital X-ray reader took a tumble and fell to the ground.  The laptop had been fixed to the desk with Velcro, which did it's job and ripped the plastic covering off the bottom of the laptop.  The tray that holds the X-ray cassette busted into several pieces.

The good news is that we were very lucky.  The laptop booted right up without issue.  The CR reader was tested and appears to be functioning as expected.  I was also able to repair some of the damage to the tray with superglue without gluing my fingers together.  I think I did a little bit better than the King's men.


Isaac said...

Wow, super crazy..... glue.

Sorry... bad joke.

Marc Kohli said...

Hahah :-)