Monday, September 9, 2013

A Bit Tougher

I had a really beautiful start to my day.  I went running with Adrian, another one of the guys here at IU house.  Running with the sunrise and the mist and the cool temps was just amazing.  Better than the 90 degree days that Lisa keeps reminding me of.

I tried to go to the hospital today, but the pull of the truck was too hard to resist.  I hadn't yet seen the modifications that Patrick had made for the X-ray holder, and the generator guy was coming to help us troubleshoot our electrical issues.

After many, many tests we're not much closer to a solution to our electical issues and we suffered a pretty decent setback today: I broke the fuel petcock - a small device that prevents gas from reaching the engine.  It's important for engines that run on carbs as they can be easily flooded.  I wasn't even turning it hard, it just snapped off in my hand releasing a stream of gas onto the hot generator.   Luckily I was able to plug it quickly with my finger and we found some tubing that allowed us to drain the gas without fire, or getting it all over my clothes.

By the time that the generator fiasco was over, I had missed lunch at IU house so I dropped by Coolstream.  It's a restaurant that's operated AMPATH similarly to the Imani workshop.  I usually enjoy chewing through their food at least once while I'm here.  The entire plate of food above was only $1.72.

After retreating to the IU house, I was able to knock out some good fixes on the programming side of things, so I'm not completely bummed about the day's setbacks.  These things must be expected and seen as small bumps along the way, and I still have a decent amount of time to work.

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