Saturday, September 7, 2013

11 seconds

Today, we scheduled a morning trip out to Mosoriot, to test the network transfer of our x-ray images.  AMPATH has installed a wireless, wide-area-network that allows them to communicate with several of the outlying clinics in real-time.

We couldn't resist checking out the imaging facilities while we were there and found a real gem, a very old Siemens ultrasound machine that was still functional.  Having studied a bit of the history of ultrasound in order to understand physics it was really cool to get to see one of these in action.

You can see the old-school 5-inch monochrome CRT that displayed a flickering image.  It would have been super hard to see what you were doing for a biopsy!

After looking over the imaging facilities we went over to the data room, and clicked the laptop for our X-ray machine into the network.  A few clicks and we were connected and ready to test.  I got out my iphone stopwatch, and 11 seconds later we had uploaded our first X-ray remotely.  I was shocked, and really excited.  I expected a few glitches, but things went smoothly.  It was only a test, and of course things are different in production, but it's a great start.

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