Sunday, August 25, 2013

Litchen (Living room + Kitchen) Remodel

We decided to redo the kitchen and the living room at the same time. One thing we love to do is entertain, so we reconfigured the living room so that it could intermittently play dining room.  Our new kitchen table plays double duty stretching from a 5' x 5' square to a 10 person monster in the living room.  It lives most of the time in the kitchen, but can be moved to the living room when needed.

In order to make the new table play nicely in the living room we needed to change the room configuration. We ditched the coffee table, in favor of a long-skinny coffee table that doubles as a bench seat. We updated one of the couches and replaced the other with two chairs that can easily be moved to the side when needed to accommodate the big table.

We also decided to redo the kitchen in a mostly budget fashion. We repainted the cabinets, installed some sleek LED undercabinet lights and had a tile backsplash installed. We're thrilled with the results and *almost* came in under budget for the whole project :-)