Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pissed About Reader

I'm pretty pissed at google for sh!t-canning Google Reader.   It was one of my favorite google products.

Luckily, I pretty quickly found a pretty-cool almost drop-in replacement in

The deal-maker: you can instantly import your google reader with one click.  All of your feeds, organized the same way you had them in reader.

The user interface isn't quite as compact as reader but it's pretty good.

A few tips to make feedly more like reader:

  1. Click on the little wheel and select Full Articles under views.   Also where it says filters, check oldest first.
  2. In the full articles view, scrolling marks things read, just like reader.
  3. You can even share via e-mail, facebook, or twitter, directly from the interface.  It even pulls in your google contacts.  
  4. Email setup is a bit weird - the first time you try to use it it pops up a dialog that says "log into gmail first"  you need to click this dialog to log into gmail.

Feedly saves everything that you've "starred" as a bookmark.  It even pulls the starred posts from reader.

The only downer for me is that IFTTT doesn't yet support feedly, but this isn't a deal breaker by any stretch.


Heather said...

I just moved to google reader! I can't believe it. UGH.

Thank you for this perfectly timed post. I don't have to do any homework to move my goodies over!!

Marc Kohli said...

Yeah, we're all distraught. There was a big uproar in the blog community.

Oh yeah and now google releases note - what bullshit. Evernote totally rocks that space.

Oh well. Feedly has been working pretty well for me. A few growing pains as they add hundreds of thousands of users but oh well.

KristinMiller said...

Thanks Marc! Trying it now!