Friday, July 20, 2012

Val's Arrival and Dinner at Abuya's

I'm very pleased to say that Dr. Jackson - the chairwoman of our department has joined me in Kenya.  While she is quite well traveled, this is her first visit to Africa.

The residents and radiologists greeted her warmly.  They had even moved up their week of exams in order to spend more time with Dr. Jackson.  After the welcoming gathering we were treated to a tour of the department and other areas of the hospital with the two chief residents - Daniel and Lois.

The following next evening, Dr. Abuya and his wife hosted a wonderful dinner of three courses.  We started with a tasty vegetable-pea soup, then enjoyed a range of entrees from chapati and rice to fried chicken and mutton curry.  For dinner we were joined by Dr. Kimutai and several of the registrars: Cornelius, Grace, Mary, and Lois.  After dinner we were treated to an array of beverages including: coffee, tea, tusker, tusker lite, kingfisher orange fruit wine, tropical strawberry cooler, and sparkling soft red wine.

The after dinner conversation was an affirmation of both side's commitment to continued partnership and exchange.  Everyone had a great night.

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