Thursday, July 12, 2012

Karibu Kenya 2012

I was happy to make it to Kenya with minimal drama.  A bit of advice for anyone buying international plane tickets with a credit card - you have to present that exact card at the time that you check in or they won't let you on the plane.  Luckily they were able to refund my entire flight and charge a different card.  Apparently it's some kind of lame security measure.

For this trip the IU house is completely full, which means that I've been shunted over to the Pinetree Gardens.  It's a hotel that's down the road from IU House, about 1 mile from the hospital.  The room is nice and clean and I have lots of windows.  I had hoped that I would luck out and get an actual hot water heater but it's instant heat.  I have my own bathroom, and someone makes my bed every day, so how can I really complain?  One other benefit to the hotel is that breakfast is served, rather than the on-your-own biscuits and peanut butter.  Today I had a tasty omlette and some kenyan tea which would not have happened at IU house.

So far on the project front I've made some progress.  Plans for the mobile X-ray truck are coming along slowly.  This week we've been working on accepting the petrol generator that will power our X-ray equipment at sites where power is unavailable.  There are some technical issues with the generator that we're trying to get the vendor to sort out.  At the same time we're working on finalizing the design for the truck body.  Once it's finalized then production shouldn't take too long.  I'm hoping that it will be done in time for some folks who plan on visiting in September.

I've also made some pretty good strides with some of the programming tasks that I need to complete.  I'm definitely rusty in the coding department so it's been interesting trying to re-awaken those skills.

The picture at the top is from one of the things that I find endearing in Kenya.  It's a piece of corn that is roasted on the side of the street over charcoal.  The corn here is very different from corn at home.  It's kind of a cross between field corn and sweet corn.  It tastes like popcorn and is very chewy.  Most people that I've suggested try it don't really like it but I think it's good.

This weekend I think that I'm going to stick around Eldoret and get some work done.  One other good thing about staying in the hotel is that they serve meals throughout the weekend which is something that definitely isn't the case at IU house.

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KristinMiller said...

The same 'show your credit card or else' situation happened to Shane and I in London last summer. I gave the clerk every credit card I had on me, and nothing matched. After a terse conversation (ok, as terse as a conversation with an Englishman can get), they let us poor Yankees board a train to the English countryside.

I wonder if this is as effective as me taking off my shoes before boarding a plane?