Saturday, July 28, 2012

July Kenya Wrapup

This trip to Kenya has been excellent.  We made some good progress for the short three week visit.  It's never enough, but it's more than nothing. 

We've been waiting and working on trying to get our mobile X-ray system up and running.  We're currently hung up on getting design and radiation protection finished.  It then will take 8 weeks to actually build the body for the truck.  So, it's looking doubtful that it will be on the road before the end of the year. 

From the informatics/coding portions of my work, we're getting a lot closer to establishing an electronic results feed from our system into the AMPATH medical record system.  I was able to make sure that the X-rays from the truck can be uploaded to the system easily by the workers at the hospital at the last minute, on the last day, which was really sweet.

Working with the registrars continues to be one of the great pleasures of my trip to Kenya.  I gave them a total of about 4 hours worth of lectures that I had prepared.  Their thirst for knowledge continues to be quite strong and it's great to work with them.  One of the major projects that I'm going to be working on when we get back home is fundraising for an endowment to support travel and lodging expenses for Kenyan residents to visit the states.  Let me know if you'd like to donate - we'll start soon.

One of the unexpected pleasures from this trip was finding a new bond of friendship with Val.  It's usually hard traveling with people, but this trip has been absolutely easy.  I was worried that we wouldn't have much to talk about, but conversation was effortless.  Will have to add another friendship to those solidified in Kenya. 

I can't wait to come back, maybe sometime before next July?

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