Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parade of Homes

After waking up and having a yummy ramen + fried egg breakfast we were invited via cell phone to visit another house in the village.  We learned that during Tet, as no one is working they go from house to house talking, eating, smoking, and drinking.  Pictured above is one of our hosts smoking tobacco from one of the ubiquitous bamboo water pipes.  Despite their limited resources, they were generous with their food, drink, and laughter.

Seeing the differences in construction was interesting.  Some of the houses have sheets of bamboo for walls rather than wood, others have sheets of bamboo that are covered in clay.  They all followed the same basic layout, but some were definitely more ornate than others including support posts painted bright orange with a little embellishment near the joints.

After visiting a few different places, we were invited to play football with the kids.  There was a small terrace near to the village that wasn't yet converted to land for rice or corn.  They made a makeshift set of soccer goals with bamboo frames (Ryan has the only pic, sorry!).  We had a great time running around with the boys from the village and knew that we would be sore for several days afterward.

When we returned from the football game, Anh had arrived.  We learned that Anh has know Mr. Bao for 10 years and has brought numerous people to their little hamlet.  The Bao family was so considerate and it was clear that they were accustomed to hosting foreigners. They bought two cases of beer, and a giant case of bottled water for us to drink.  That night, with Anh translating we ventured out to another house nearby.  The dirt paths were super slick and we decided to have our final meal in Mr. Bao's house rather than elsewhere in the village.

They put together another phenomenal meal for us. As we ate dinner, the beaming smiles were refreshing given all that we had been through.  After dinner, Anh sat on the floor with the younger villagers and sang songs late into the night.  It was clear that he was a welcome part of their family, a clear contrast with Dan. 

After a bit more time with the iPad playing infinity blade, we went to sleep to prepare for our next big day.

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