Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Pho to Snake

Tuesday morning brought a special breakfast pho with Tuyen, Ryan's guide from the last motorcycle tour.  The pho was pretty tasty and Tuyen taught us a great trick to keep lime seeds out of your soup.  The best part was the atmosphere of the tiny local joint.

We decided to do some site seeing and took a cab over to the Ho-Chi-Minh museum and mausoleum. The museum grounds were kind of pretty in a very cold, bleak, stylized communist way.  The fountain above is a good example of what I'm talking about.  Instead of being crafted from large chunks for material this was just tiled in a utilitarian fashion.  It has to be one of the ugliest fountains I have ever seen.

We also wandered around unsuccessfully looking for a lake that contains the remains of a crashed B-52 bomber. What we did find was a small open air food market including the anatomy lesson on a wicker platter.

Ryan and I have invented a new sport, I really think that it is going to take off, it is called scoot shooting.  The goal is to take pictures of motorbikes and bicycles loaded with ridiculous items.  We are compiling a list and will encourage people to "collect them all"!

 After the worst cab ride in history, we ended up at dinner - a snake restaurant. Before dinner, they take you to the cage where you pick your dinner (still living). They ceremoniously kill the snake near your table, drain blood into rice liquor and disappear with the body.  They made about 5 tasty dishes out of the snake, definitely an experience that I won't soon forget.


Lisa said...

what is the lime secret?

I like the "collect them all" idea!

Isaac said...

Awesome post :)

I can smell the scene from here... in a good and bad way, lol. I've always wanted to try the snake blood ridden rice whiskey!

Heather said...

I am with Lisa, what is the lime secret? And for the record, unlike Isaac whom I truly admire, I have no desire to try snake blood rice whiskey. Yikes. Just thinking about it gives me the willies.

moo said...

Great posts, all,of them...I can only say eeew! to the snake blood rice whiskey. Glad you luck seems to have improved and yes, what IS the lime seed secret? All the descriptions of food remind me that the local fares are one of the main joys of traveling!

Marc Kohli said...

The lime secret is simple, one of those why didnt i think of that things. Instead of squeezing your lime over the soup directly squeeze it over a spoon and then gently tilt the liquid holding back the seeds.