Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday Dinner at R Bistro

In light of Lisa's finals we decided to forgo our regular dinner and have a dinner out with Geri and Kathy at R Bistro.

Geri and I started with a cheesy polenta topped with yummy sausage and mushrooms.  The textures complemented each other well and the bursts of fennel and thyme goodness were delightful.

For our entree three of us had the sweet potato, cheese enchalada with tomatillo salsa and mango slaw.  The slaw included red cabbage and the most beautiful little watermelon radishes that you've ever seen.  I really enjoyed the sweet/savory/tangy blend of the sweet potato, cheese, and tomatillo. I also enjoyed the slaw, but Kathy and Lisa weren't really fans.

Geri broke with convention and decided to go with the chicken dish for the evening.  It was pretty, but I didn't taste it so I can add much about it :-)

We decided to sample three of the five possible desserts, which turned out to be pretty interesting.  Partially because the desserts were pushed around the table with the expectation that you take a bite and move along.  Needless to say there were a few cases where all three plates got backed up with  one person, prompting a few words.

The favorite dessert honor was a tie between the ricotta ice cream with fresh pomegranate seeds, and some sort of rose-water sauce, and the crostada with roasted apples.  The flaky pastry dough from the crostada was a big hit.

We stopped off at the Ball and Biscuit for a few yummy cocktails after dinner and had a great time.


Jon said...

Looks delicious! Thanks for the post, it's nice to see everyone!

Marc Kohli said...

@Jon - thanks! Hope you guys are doing well. I like following your exploits on runkeeper.