Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Brunch Out

We didn't have a home-cooked meal for Sunday Dinner this week - we had brunch out at one of our favorite brunch places in town - Taste.

My favorite dish is the Truffle Egg Toast - a simple dish - thick slice of bread topped with a sunny side up egg, covered in a thick slice of swiss cheese and broiled. To add to the madness, top with asparagus, truffle oil and salt and pepper.

Lisa had the most beautiful waffle. It was light and fluffy with a fantastic texture, and of course it was buried in syrup, cinnamon, bananas, strawberries and toasted pecans - yum!

Geri had a pretty quiche and the cheddar biscuits and gravy (cbg) - one of Taste's specialties.

Kathy had an egg-sandwich that was so fantastically huge that it was almost impossible to eat.

We all shared an order of their classic pomme frites with basil aioli as well as a new treat - the sweet potato fries with chipotle aioli. Despite the delicate balance of the slightly spicy aioli with the sweet potato fries, the classic frites with their classic unbeatable crunch were the hands-down winners.

The dinner schedule is running amok with the holidays, updates will be sporadic :-(

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