Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tea Fields revisited

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Unfortunately, our plans to go see the Kakamega rainforest again were thwarted by a lack of space at the Rondo guest house.  We were able to put our backup plan into place for a day trip to the hidden lake, high in the Nandi Hills.

The weather was beautiful, and it was great to walk around the grounds soaking in all of the beautiful flowers and wildlife.  Jason and Joe got in some time fishing while Lisa, Angie, and I walked around the grounds.

As always, Lisa came prepared with food. Rolls that she had bought especially for our trip from Paul's Bakery in Eldoret. The rolls are pretty typical of Kenyan baked goods - dense, and just a hint of sweetness. They are especially tasty if you take very small bites. Otherwise you're chewing for hours.

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On the way back from the lake, we passed by the tea fields. As you looked over the fields, they were dotted with multicolored people hand picking tea. It was a refreshing take on a place that I had visited several times in the past. The people were incredibly friendly and would wave and smile at the mzungu in a truck.

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We topped off Saturday with a tasty meal at the Chinese restaurant, a great way to end a relaxing day.

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Danelle said...

Hi Kohlis! As usual your pictures are beautiful. Hope you are having a productive and enjoyable trip. Miss you both! Danelle