Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Chill Weekend

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Our trip this time feels super short, since we're spending about three weeks in Eldoret that means that we only have two weekends here. For those of you who read the blog last year, you should remember that spending time with the Joe and Sarah Ellen Mamlin is one of the best and most important parts of the trip.  After my first dinner party at their house with Tal and Betsy Bosin, I've tried to pull one together during every visit.  Luckily, this time top chef Lisa, and sous chef Angie were around to cook.

Lisa planned the meal beautifully, eggplant pasta sauce and her mouthwatering greens.  It was just like home, she acquired skinny Japanese eggplants from local grocery store, and harvested greens from the Mamlin's garden.  She combined the eggplant with canned tomatoes, olive oil, onions and garlic to make a wonderful pasta sauce.  She harvested greens from the Mamlin's garden and sauteed them with onion, garlic, tomato and some chili powder (no crushed red pepper could be found).

Angie got quite a surprise opening one of the cans of tomatoes.  Despite appearing normal from the outside it exploded as only a rotten can will and started foaming all over the counter.  The flow of red lava nearly consumed Lisa's iPhone.

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We had a total of 12 guests, which due to the size of some of the pans required cooking in batches, requiring nearly all day to prepare.  For guests, we were lucky to pry Jane Carter away from her work reading pulmonary function tests and our new resident friends, Darla an EM-Peds resident from IU, Jason a Med-Psych resident from Duke, and Elise a Medicine resident from IU joined us as well. The trio of residents surprised everyone with a tasty pudding, crushed biscuit, banana dessert that they whipped up after buying the last non-strawberry pudding mix in the store.

Dinner conversation ranged from from the obligatory talk about medicine, to vivid stories of experience with lightening. After dinner, we retired to house two to play cards.  Everyone had a great evening.

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