Monday, November 22, 2010

Our New Shaggy Friends

Lisa and I would like for you to meet our three new shaggy friends - Roxy, Celeste, and Paolo.

We were emboldened by Leon and Heather and their great rug selection in Starlite Kibanda.

MDK-20090808-1502, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

Introducing Roxy - Queen of the Living Room

MDK-20101121-0874, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

Roxy close-up

MDK-20101121-0875, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

Paolo - Office Protector

MDK-20101121-0881, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

Celeste - Warm Foot Keeper of the Bedroom

MDK-20101121-0878, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

For any of you thinking about buying rugs we have to say that shopping online for them just about sucks. We had completely ruled out many of the above selections from web pages.

Crate and Barrel has small samples for $10 that you can bring home to see what the rug might look like in your own light, etc. Plus, you can return the samples for full-credit.


Craftyk said...

WOW!!! Those are great! How do you vacuum them- just put it on long carpet setting?
Those are great choices!

Marc said...

Interesting you brought that up - our cleaning lady says that Celeste is "just too much". We vacuum with the beater bar turned completely off.

It's a little bit of a challenge, but what the hell. If they end up getting super dirty, lesson learned.

Kathy Edwards said...

They all look so wonderful and warm. I love that you named them!

Marc said...

@kathy - crate and barrel named them :-)

moo said...

Never seen rugs like that. Sooo cool. Maybe you can get them dirty very evenly and they'll look like a darker version of themselves...