Monday, October 11, 2010

Floors, what are they good for?

While I was away in Kenya, Lisa was super busy. She did the work of at least three people scouring the earth for flooring that would transform 5250 Pike Creek Lane.

With help from several friends, most notably Heather Kelly, Lisa selected Tile, Cork, and Bamboo for the whole house. The wooden floor is strand woven tiger bamboo. Lisa did her best to make sure that the floors were sustainable and green. It's hard to find sustainability info on flooring - people just look at you like you're from Mars.

There was serious drama surrounding the bamboo acquisition - it took forever for the material to arrive. We went through several rounds of e-mail with the installers - "next week for sure". Three months later, we finally have the flooring installed. To the installer's credit they tried to make it right and lopped about 10% off the total price, even though the distribution issues weren't their fault.

Before/After pics below.


20100712-IMG_0701, originally uploaded by monkeydoc


MDK-20101009-0483, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

The best thing about the master bathroom floor is that we had heating elements installed. It has a special thermostat that turns it on in the mornings and evenings. No more wicked cold tile floor in the winter :-)


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MDK-20101009-0488, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

Originally, we were thinking of slate, or a slate-like tile for the kitchen until Lisa realized how everything would instantly shatter when dropped on a floor that hard. The cork is floated and has a nice, soft feel on the feet. We worried that the darker floor would suck the light out of the kitchen, but that hasn't seemed to be an issue.


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Kathy Edwards said...

Wow - those floors had such an amazing impact on each room! They look so much richer. I also noticed that the office walls were repainted as well - nice! Not that we'll be coherent on Wednesday morning, but I look forward to seeing them in person!

Lisa said...

Good eye Kathy! We forgot to mention that we had my office painted and we painted the kitchen table and got some different chairs! We'll give you a drowsy tour on Wed :)

Heather said...

love it! The cork in the kitchen is amazing!

Marc said...

@heather - can't wait until you can see it in person! March?