Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Does That? - Kohli Edition

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Recently, some of our best friends guest-posted an amazingly sweet post about my little lady on

Recently we received a package that led us to utter the same phrase and necessitated the following post.

Who goes by herself to Buenos Aires to stay with a friend and 7 other complete strangers and even plans to arrive a day ahead of the only person that she knows?

Who integrates into the group of strangers so well that we wished her friend had never arrived to dilute her awesomeness.

Who opens her home to people that she's known for less than 5 days - takes them to the farmers market, makes them not 1, not 2, but 3 special cocktails, and teams up with Lisa to cook an amazing dinner?

As if that weren't enough she sends the most thoughtful, unique, personalized care package we have ever received.

Opening the package Lisa found a set of amazing recipes for drinks including: white sangria, the bees nose, and the Spain vs. Mexico martini. She was so excited to see the recipes that she stopped opening the package until I arrived home.

When I got home we started unwrapping all of the carefully packed items (everything in it's own ziploc) to find several bottles of goodness and three chocolate bars. Anyone who knows us will understand the gravity of the following: we had never even *heard* of four of the delectable items.

One can only imagine Lisa's glee when I discovered that each bottle was called for in one of the included recipes - we had been overwhelmed with a thoughtful food gift - a custom cocktail kit.

Lisa and I can't wait for her visit in November - it's going to be another time to remember.