Sunday, July 18, 2010

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

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Well folks, sorry there haven't been more blog posts, I've definitely been busy here. Busy reading CT scan after CT scan after CT scan, busy making new friends, and hanging out with old friends (Dr. Abuya and Dr. Jane Carter pictured above).

I didn't quite accomplish my main goal for the past week, but we've made forward progress. Which in Kenya means a lot. We're close to having reports from our baby PACS system go into the AMPATH database, hopefully next week.

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The best part of my weekend was a fishing expedition with the American head of AMPATH - Joe Mamlin. Joe is so busy that any time spent with him is precious. Last night, when Joe was talking about leaving for fishing someone asked him if he eats what he catches. His response was classic - "I pull them out of the water, introduce myself, and let them go on their way".

We left the house at a reasonable hour and traveled to the Nandi hills region. Joe found out about the lake from a missionary who gave him the following directions - turn right on the first dirt road past Nandi Hills Town and whenever you come toward a fork - head toward the radio tower. After a short trip on the dirt road, we finally arrived at a beautiful piece of land nestled in between tea fields with two small stocked lakes.

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The grounds surrounding the lake were beautifully groomed and had all sorts of flowers and colorful plants. We saw a few birds and the tail end of a few colobus monkeys. I caught a few small fish, but more importantly I enjoyed being outdoors with good friends.

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Tea fields (above) are some of my favorite Kenyan countryside. People in the countryside are amazingly friendly. This is especially true if you're a mzungu, which apparently literally translated means "one who wanders about aimlessly", how ironic. This photo is of a local man on the road, we stopped near him for a photo and he came over to say hello.

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There are a few things that I always hope I'm able to do when I come to Kenya. One of these is visiting the Oasis with Joe and Sarah Ellen. The Oasis is a little restaurant in Eldoret that sells fried chicken, hamburgers, fries, and most importantly milkshakes. All the seating is outdoors, and you're surrounded by beautiful flowers. It's one of the best things about staying in Eldoret on the weekends, and one of the experiences that I cherish the most.

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e jane carter said...

I am so happy that you had time fishing with Joe. A mark of your worth. I asked him last week the last time he wet fishing and he could not remember!
Now you remember- for ward progress is forward progress. The tortoise won the race.
Wish I was there with you.
Jane Carter