Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

Sad power adapter, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

It's one of my favorite Jon Laws sayings - I guess I'll never learn.

One of the other visitors here at the IU house had their power adapter blow, and I felt bad for them so when I wasn't using it on my trip to Kitale, I let them borrow it. Only to return home to a completely dead power cable. Turns out that it was plugged into a surge protector, and still got hit with a surge.

When things get bad, you know who your real friends are - about two hours after I figured out that it was blown Lisa had two new adapters ready for someone to carry. Also, Joe and Sarah Ellen offered to call their adopted Kenyan son Dino to find one for me in Nairobi. Unfortunately, since most of the other apple users here have smaller computers, their power adapters won't work for me, and with my luck I'd hate to be responsible for blowing someone else's adapter.

When Dino wasn't available, Joe called one of the AMPATH computer guys who mentioned that there are shops in town that repair power supplies - likely a good business because the power is so crazy here.

The above photo is from the Eldoret TechSmith shop. My favorite part is the completely ingenious use of the speaker for a soldering iron holder - another example of how things are just a little different here, usually with similar results. We found a blown fuse and a blown resister while I was waiting there. Unfortunately, there was still a short so I had to leave the adapter. I get to call him tomorrow to see if he's been able to fix it.

So, I'm going to be "slumming" in the common computer lab. Luckily they have linux boxes so I can get my programming tools put together pretty easily.

Oh yeah, I'm getting a cold too and feel like crap.


Isaac said...

Oh snap, I thought you were back state-side already!

The speaker soldering is GENIUS, but sorry your lost your power adapter. That's the suck.

Marc said...

Yeah, not yet out of the woods - I leave one week from today.

Sana said...

That sucks, but you will be blessed somehow, sometime just for being kind. One more week and you'll be back home. I'm sure you hate to leave, but I'm also sure you're looking forward to seeing Lisa and coming back to familiar ground.

Have a safe trip, and we'll talk soon.