Tuesday, July 27, 2010

love made visible.

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The last time that we talked, I was lamenting my laptop power situation. Well the guy in town couldn't fix my power cable, but salvation did come this weekend in the form of Paul Biondich and one bad-ass battery from hyper mac. Paul let me borrow it all weekend. It was sooooo amazing to be able to use my laptop again. I also realize now just how much I'm hooked on OsX, especially Spaces and Expose which are just all around amazing.

That was the beginning to an amazing weekend. Rose, Monica, Erin and I decided to cook dinner on our own Saturday night rather than going out. We had also hoped to convince Joe and Sarah Ellen to let us cook for them. Things were slightly complicated because the Mamlins would be entertaining a V.I.P. for the weekend - Sylvia McNair. She's a two-time Grammy winning soprano on the faculty at IU, who is visiting the IU Kenya program. Incidentally, Joe and Sarah Ellen love her and never missed one of her performances when they were living in Indiana.

Saturday morning I went by the Mamlin's house to see what the plan was and it was obvious that Joe really just wanted to go out for dinner, but Sarah Ellen had the cutest little gleam in her eye....

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She has within the last six months obtained a new range/oven which is dual fuel, and has a rotisserie!

Erin had obtained two recipes - one for pizza sauce, and the other for pizza dough from get this - her Aunt that lives in Ethiopia. So, we set out to the Nakumatt (grocery store) with Joe to harvest the supplies. We ended up making three pizzas - barbecue chicken with made-from-scratch sauce, carmelized onion, local gouda; mozarella tomato; and made-from-scratch red sauce with roasted chicken. We also made a "salad" with tomato, avocado, onion, and cucumber - utilizing the MacNeill salad dressing - olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic salt. Everything was a huge hit. Joe, an early detractor, seemed the most pleased of everyone in attendance. To top off the evening, Sarah Ellen made a brownie pudding, which was fantastic.

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The food at dinner was rivaled only by the conversation. Attending were Joe and Sarah Ellen Mamlin, Fran Quigley, Paul Biondich, Rose House, Monica Miller, Erin Dainty, and Sylvia McNair. The Mamlins you already know. Fran is a lawyer who has worked for the IU Kenya program in communication and development for some time. He also decided to teach law students this past year and was one of Lisa's favorite teachers! Paul Biondich is one of my geek heroes - he founded the OpenMRS project with Burke Mamlin. Rose House is a rock star who is coming here not to work in the casualty (ER) department, but to basically found the ER department in Kenya. Monica is a Purdue faculty pharmacist who is writing more books than anyone else I know. Erin is an OB global health fellow from Duke. For those medial folks out there, Erin's blog has some amazing stories from the labor and delivery ward - she really does save lives every day. The diversity around the table was truly incredible and made for great conversation. Of course, the red wine flowed freely which always makes a dinner party perfect.

Just when we thought that things couldn't get any better, we were invited to a special meal at the Chinese restaurant in town. The owner, Mr. Yu throws these invited dinners a few times a year. This evening the dinner was in honor of his daughter who is attending Wake Forest on a complete scholarship MD/PhD program. We enjoyed so much spectacular food including the most amazing lobster any of us had ever had. Two truly special meals back to back, with great memories I won't soon forget.


Isaac said...

What an awesome and smile inducing post! After the crazy 1000/mph day I had making games, this was a real treat, thanks for letting me visit the dinner(s) virtually with you :) Can't wait to do it for realz, hehe.

Marc said...

Thanks Monkey glad you enjoyed it! I hope to come back next summer, hopefully it will work out for you two to join me!