Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday

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At the end of the first week of my trip, looking back I'm pretty pleased with what has been accomplished. My #1 goal for this trip is to electronically connect our chest X-ray system with the AMPATH medical record system. I think that we're about 75% there. This week, the goal is to move our server into the AMPATH data center and complete the linkage between the two servers. Uniting these two servers has been a dream for quite some time, so if it comes to fruition before the end of the week, I'll be thrilled.

This weekend was laid back with a long walk to the huge grocery store - Nakumatt. It's probably 1/2 the size of a Wal-Mart and has just nearly as many varied products. Kenya is changing, like it or not. In fact, today in Nakumatt I found the glass-lock containers that Lisa and I like for lunch. They were impossible to find anywhere in Indianapolis - we had to order them from Amazon. After the big walk to the grocery store, I made brownies, which were a big hit. Then, dinner with Joe and Sarah Ellen, which was excellent as always.

Today brought a lot of time to hang out with one of my good friends - Jane Carter. She's a pulmonologist from Brown and a Tb researcher. She has been involved with the Kenya program for 11 years, and I look up to her as a mentor. She has established extensive infrastructure both for Tb clinical care, and research despite the fact that Tb isn't sexy. At times, no one seems to care about the little tiny acid-fast bacilli that can ruin people's lives. Especially those with HIV.

Today I discovered that Jane is a foodie - she shared with me several DVDs of Julia Child's show from WGBH Boston - French Chef. It's quite fun to watch these old black and white shows and see how well her techniques hold up today. Jane also shared with me 9 GB of Gourmet Diary of a Foodie video podcasts with intriguing titles like - Oaxaca - The Seven Moles, and Contraband Cuisine I'll definitely be set with entertainment for the ride home. Who could ask for a better Sunday?

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