Thursday, July 8, 2010

IU House revisited

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IU House is now a bit of a misnomer, it should really be called IU compound, neighborhood, or base. There are roughly 10 separate buildings all within one neighborhood in Eldoret where IU and other AMPATH folks stay. This also doesn't include the houses that long-term folks own.

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One of the best things about the IU house is the landscaping. The Mamlin's house in particular is beautiful (above). There are several gardeners that work everyday all over the compound making sure the bushes and grass are trimmed. There are flowers everywhere you look.

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This time, I'm living in a "servant's quarters" room. That means that I have a toilet and shower just outside my room. The shower has an "instant" heater which is instant, but isn't much of a heater. I also learned today that the bathroom that I thought was mine alone is shared with a medical student from Toronto. Oh well, maybe I'll bother her more than she'll bother me.

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This is a shot of my bedroom - which is small, but private which is a huge plus.

The IU house is a 10 minute walk to the hospital. The weather has been very, very nice, mostly in the 70s. In the evenings it's looked threatening for rain, but we haven't had much yet. Thunderstorms are when the electricity gets really bad surges and outages, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

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