Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What day is it anyway?

Vacation can be a little disorienting. Especially when you stay up late and sleep in until noon. Said disorientation results in a slightly tardy blog post tonight.

Parker says goodbye for the day......

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Yesterday brought a trip to a new neighborhood called Recoleto. It is a bit closer to the center of the city than Palermo Soho where we have been staying. Shopping in Recoleto was quite a bit more upscale, but not quite as hip. Still, Carm scored a sweet new work bag, Em scored a cool laptop sleeve, and Lisa found the perfect present for Marcia. The quality of the goods in this neighborhood seemed to be a bit higher than what we had found in our neck of the woods.

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We have been constantly trying to find a dining alternative that doesn't take three hours for a "quick lunch". So we decided that we would try a cafe; Danelle found one in her guidebook that sounded nice. The cafe was situated at the edge of a sizable city park. On the edge of the park was a massive tree whose trunk was at least 10 feet in diameter. The branches stretched out over at least 50 yards with wooden supports holding up many of the branches. After our tasty brunch and some coffee we headed out to our destination for the day, Le Recoleto Cemetery.

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The cemetery is unlike most cemeteries that we had seen before. Each tomb consists of an above-ground structure that was usually about 10 x 10 x 10 feet. Nearly all of the tombs had tiny staircases going down and a large hole in the floor just wide enough for a coffin to be passed down into the tomb below. All of the tombs were built next to each other separated by 'streets' making everything look like a weird miniature city.

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The variety of tombs was amazing - many of the graves were ornate with stunning bronze and stone work, while others were decidedly modern with glass and poor font choices.

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Several of the graves had fallen into serious disrepair - forgotten by families who had since moved on.

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We had a great time walking around until, Carm almost got abducted by a monster.....

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.....and Lisa fell prey to her nature and started petting the numerous cats roaming the grave yard. No one thought much of this until we realized where they had likely been (see disrepair picture above).....

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Several famous Argentinians were buried in the cemetery including Evita Peron.

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Some of the more fantastic graves had huge statues, large columns, and plaques.

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It was an amazing place for photos - click any of them and check out the flickr photostream for more.

Dinner last night was one of the best yet. Social Paradiso, one of the places that was closed on Sunday.

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We had an excellent meal with lots and lots of wine and aqua con gas. The cherry on top of the evening was when for 5 pesos each ($1.50) Emily and Parker jumped into the pool naked. Just another day in BA.


Craftyk said...

great photos! BA looks so cool. glad you guys are having fun, we will need to go with you some time! and -ahem- what's wrong with a 3 hour lunch while on vacation ?!?

Marc said...

@craftyk nothing is *wrong* with a three hour lunch while on vacation. It's tough though to get much site seeing done when you wake up at noon, and lunch takes three hours.

Craftyk said...

Haha! okay, that's true. too bad the shops and museums don't stay open until 1 am!