Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Whoever said, "A man's home is his castle" probably grew up in BA.  I say this because, likely due to the city's rocky history and all of the grafitti/tagging even beautiful houses like the one that we're staying in look like a nondescript citadel from the front.

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Lunes brought the next guest to the house - Danelle.

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We had all wondered how Danelle's arrival would change the house dynamic, but it's turned out fabulously. Luckily, she is a quick study and picked up all of the running jokes within a matter of hours (dribilization, tits out, etc).

One thing that has really plagued our plans for two days in a row is that hours aren't as consistent and predictable here as they are in the states. Most times we take for granted that a restaurant will be open 7 days per week and won't close before 9P or 10P. Unfortunately we've now walked to two eating establishments only to find them closed. For lunch yesterday, our folly was fortuitous. A local Argentine woman with electric blue circumferential eye shadow (whom we've dubbed Carol Burnett) saw us standing in front of a closed restaurant and directed us to an Argentine BBQ.

With the exception of Lisa, we all had our biggest "meat meal" of the trip. I ordered the house specialty, steak with grilled eggplant, tomato, and topped with bacon....yum!

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You definitely can't be in a hurry for a meal in Argentina. The pace here is quite a bit slower with lunch taking over an hour including at least two bottles of wine and 3-4 bottles of aqua con gas. We had in fact sat for long enough that Carol Burnett returned and we invited her to sit with us for coffee. We had a great conversation where we learned about her chihuahua, and that she had spent her entire life in Buenos Aires. She was decidedly coy when we asked her about the living conditions over her lifetime. She did comment that she was unable to afford many of the stores and restaurants in her neighborhood due to tourism, and that restaurants would not even give her scraps for her pooch. Tourism of course is a double-edged sword - perhaps without all of the boutiques and restaurants, the Palermo Soho neighborhood would be in shambles. Emily likened Carol's situation to living in New York City where food and lodging are frequently too expensive for everyday use for visitors.

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After a brief, partially successful shopping trip we headed out for dinner. We went to Francesco, which is an upscale Peruvian restaurant here in BA. We all enjoyed a pisco sour and had a great meal.

Two appetizers, entrees all around, six cocktails, two bottles of wine, three desserts, and three coffees - all for $45/person including tip - pesos FTW!

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The evening ended with Carm and Em playing tennis with ping pong paddles and a ball in the middle of the living room.

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