Friday, May 21, 2010

Leather, Tango

With the exception of the Tango show last night the past two days have been pretty chill. Mostly spending time shopping and seeing the local sites. Emmy grins during a *quick* tasty lunch break.

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Yesterday we went shopping in the leather district where countless stores all sell very similar leather products. If you want the "classic", read "high school" brown leather jacket, you're in luck. That is as long as you are shaped like a dress form. Otherwise, if you want something that fits a human being, or is edgy or unique head somewhere else. One thing that was cool is that many of the shops also doubled as factories - with a little careful observing you could see people making the goods that they sold in the stores.

Last night took us to a tango show. From what we've learned all of the tango shows in the city are touristy. We selected the Carlos Gardel show because it was suggested by one the house concierge. The prices were also quite touristy, but we decided to give it a shot.

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Most of the tango places are all inclusive - dinner, drinks and the show come together in one package. Dinner was very good, but not excellent. The show was fantastic. Excellent dancing, and live music. The band featured three accordions, piano, bass, viola and a ferociously talented and hot female violinist.

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Lisa shot a few really good videos of the show - scroll down for more!

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