Sunday, May 16, 2010

Buenos Aires

Carm said it best on on facebook yesterday - "Don't cry for me Argentina....I'll be there on Sunday".

We left Saturday at 5PM and had an uneventful flight to ATL where we met Em and Carm. The flight from ATL to ETE (Buenos Aires) also went well with the exception of some rough air, which bothered Em. We all were able to sleep on the plane. I had the best rest I've ever had on a plane -'s a hell of a drug....

MDK-20100516-0362, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

MDK-20100516-0363, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

The house is freakin' amazing. Mad props to Em's friend Parker. The main floor is all one big open living space - kitchen, pool/ping-pong table.

MDK-20100517-0365, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

This is the view looking out into our small lap-ish pool. Since it's fall here in the southern hemisphere it will likely be a bit cold for swimming, but it looks amazing nonetheless.

MDK-20100517-0374, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

We're about to venture out into the city for some noms. Stay Tuned.


Kathy Edwards said...

Oh, my! Beautiful photos and I'm so very happy for you to have the experience of this amazing house in Buenos Aires!

Isaac said...

Keep the posts coming! :D