Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best of Buenos Aires

Hands down, the best part of our trip to BA was meeting new friends.

Before heading out, we were a bit apprehensive about living with other couples beyond Em and Carm, but figured that we would just hang with Em and Carm if the other folks were a drag. Turns out that we've made two new lifetime quality friends. I'll introduce you here......

MDK-20100520-0568, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

This is Parker. He's one of Em's partners at CMC. Parker is the #1 reason behind our successful trip. He had been to BA before and actually went to a party at the house that we rented. He found it again on the VRBO web page - a feat because they don't list addresses!

Buenos Aires welcome brunch, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

The picture above perfectly illustrates Parker at his best. After a long overnight flight to BA, we were picked up at the airport by the driver and brought to the house. There, Parker had already gone to the grocery and picked up noshy brunch including Mimosas. He's just that thoughtful.

During the week we learned that Parker's hobbies include refurbishing old fountain pens, as well as history and working on his antique Fords and Jeeps, one of which was purchased new by his father. Parker is old-school in the best sense of the word. Nearly every night at dinner after he visited the paper store in Palermo; Lisa and Parker would write down details about what they had eaten, and the jokes in his trip journal.

Lisa, Em, Carm and I hit it off immediately with Parker. All of us have a pretty compatible sense of humor including lots of wordplay and puns. By the end of the first day we had at least 10 catch phrases that would cause instant giggles.

I'm sure you'll lick ass, as usual.

Shoulders back, tits out.

Low talker/world narrator

At the end of the evening when we were all in the jacuzzi together we were pondering what impact Danelle would have on our little group. As it turns out, we were very pleasantly surprised....

MDK-20100520-0560, originally uploaded by monkeydoc

Danelle is a rockstar. She's a geriatrician (old people doctor) that works at Hopkins in Baltimore. She came on the trip because she's friends with Stacy who is another of Emily's partners. Danelle arrived a day before Stacy and Mike were set to arrive. Then Stacy and Mike missed their flight and were bumped back a whole day. At this point, some people would decompensate - freaking out with strange people in a strange house. Not Danelle, she took everything in stride. In fact, Danelle instantly integrated into the group. She shattered every negative stereotype that I had regarding folks who practice internal medicine, and especially geriatrics when she laughed so hard about a joke too foul to tell on this public blog. Things just kept getting better from there.

The last couple, Stacy and Mike were really cool too, but because they missed a day and had lots of obligations at the meeting, we hardly got to know them. Maybe the next time we're in Charlotte.

It's weird how sometimes you have to travel half-way around the world to make new friends. We were super duper lucky with these two and hope to see them again soon!!!

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