Monday, February 15, 2010

Special Suprises

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Em and Carm decided to say goodbye to their trusty Jeep Liberty and move on up to the East Side for a gently used BMW 3-series wagon!!  They had to take advantage of this special deal in Indy so they drove up after work on Friday.

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Saturday night we had "Sunday Dinner" at Barb and Bob's condo. It was great to hang out with the old crew again. Of course the dinner conversation ended up discussing such excellent topics as how education and science are related to atheism. Not to mention a stimulating discussion of "the chicken and the egg" which was enlightened dramatically by Wikipedia.

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It was great to see everyone, but definitely too short.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder - Oh, is that what sad means??

Things haven't been updated in quite some time here on ekohli.  Unfortunately Indiana isn't blessed with the near eternal sunshine of Colorado that helps to power  So since we've had a few nice sunny days, I thought that I'd throw down a mega-fall-winter-post to catch up.

Thanksgiving is Monkey time - we had a great visit and got quite a bit of time to hang out. If you ever wondered why they named the park near our house Eagle Creek; Isaac, Kerry and I can attest to the appropriateness of the name. We saw two bald eagles high up on a tree branch on the north side of the reservoir. I didn't have a telephoto lens so my eagle pics blow and aren't worth sharing. Have a few friend pics from the visit instead.

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Christmas brought a trip to San Francisco to get an extra shot of Monkey time before Lisa hit the books again. We got to eat some amazing food including a trip to Jardinere where we all promptly fell in love with Lisa's new camera the Powershot S90.  This little guy has amazing low light performance for a point and shoot. Trips to SF are always awesome and this one was no exception. We found some cool gifts for Eloise (a.k.a. the baby who has it all), so we were pretty excited.

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At the end of Lisa's winter break we took a trip to Chicago. Sadly we had planned this trip while it was warm and sunny forgetting the cold harsh reality of Chicago in January.  Thanks to a nearly endless supply of Tosti Toes we made it through shopping with smirky smiles.

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In Chicago, Lisa got to order a new chair from design within reach because she spends soooooo much time studying at her desk. Choosing the right color was definitely a challenge.

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The major highlight of the trip to Chicago was quality time with Matt and Melissa Riddle.  Matt was in the BFA Photography program in Bloomington with Kerry and now is all things IT for  Matt and Mel just moved with their two four-legged friends into a new condo in the Fulton Market neighborhood. We had fun dinner with them in their neighborhood which has tons of sweet restaurants.

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They have a great view of downtown Chicago from their place.

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The last part of our Chicago trip was a visit to Orange - a brunch place that featured two noteworthy creations - frushi and pancake flights.

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Frushi - fruit sushi - made with coconut sticky rice rather than the traditional rice vinegar was a really cool idea, that wasn't executed well. We want to integrate it into our next brunch party (tba).

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The pancake flight changes weekly - the week we went it was cookies - white chocolate nut, maple oatmeal, chocolate chip, etc. While the pancakes weren't spectacular we loved the idea of four tiny sets of pancakes with a unifying theme.

January also brought my return to mountain biking with a craigslist mountain bike purchase and a trip to Ray's Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, OH. Jon Hobbs and I took off after work on Friday and rode all day Saturday and returned home on Sunday. Ray's is a huge warehouse with rooms of obstacles set up and even an 0.5 mile cross country track throughout. We met my cousin Josh and a few of his friends and had a great time. Jon and I had such a great time that we are looking for investors to start one in Indianapolis.

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January ended with melancholy joy as Lisa and I said goodbye to two long-term members of our family - our first two Subarus Outback and WRX. With the exception of a new transmission for the Outback, these two cars have been the best we've ever had. The Outback was getting a little tired, so we decided that it was time for replacements.

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Note the awesomeness of the new camera again in the picture of me and the WRX. For the Outback there was no question - we're getting another Outback. From schleping Baxter to room for 4 bikes, 4 bikers and gear it's the perfect vehicle for us. Our new graphite Motor Trend 2010 SUV of the year is pictured below :-)

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To replace the WRX we wanted something that both of us would enjoy driving so it had to be an automatic. Lisa has been talking forever about getting a MINI, which was really accelerated by Geri and Kathy and their little yellow guy. So we decided to get one.

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Working with Dreyer and Reinbold MINI was actually quite nice. All of the sales guys were nice and personable and even the business manager left the office to allow us to talk about which extra warranty options we wanted. I would highly recommend them!

Well, that's it for this massive post. Until next time......