Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spezielle darstellung des arteriensystems, der brust eingeweide und harnorgane.

Our friend Heather just posted today about how special art is to them, mostly the stores about how things were acquired. Lisa and I feel much the same way, and so I had to share another art acquisition story that happened just today!

I'm always on the lookout for medical antiques, and Kerry mentioned that there was a store in North Beach that has a whole book full of medical engravings, so we headed over. We walked into a super organized store - all of the pieces were organized into acid-free books preserved nicely labeled with prices and very orderly. They only had a few pieces, but the owner suggested that we check out Aria up the street. The owner warned us that Bill, the proprietor at Aria was quite eccentric and the store may not be open. It was only about a block away so we ventured over.

3699241583_ff677141a3 MDK-20090707-1234, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

The sign on the door said that it was closed, but there were a few folks inside. It was really odd, and no one was acknowledging that we were there. We were about to walk away when a woman with a big hairy dog walks through the door saying, "Let's go see Bill". We decided to follow behind her and entered. The man behind the counter seemed confused saying to us, "Oh....well...we're closed...err....ok....you can stay". The folks at the first store were right. There were a ton of medical engravings, and anatomical posters, all scattered throughout the store in piles by the window in full sunlight in massive disarray.

After Bill warmed up and realized that we were serious - he started pulling out cool antique poster after cool poster. Throughout the whole experience it was apparent that Bill really loves each piece that he 'collects'.

We finally decided on two engravings from an 18th century textbook images with engraving plates and sheets with text describing the figures that we'll frame together.


3700052528_0b5b4e9786 MDK-20090707-1235, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

He gave us a special deal because he was leaving for France tomorrow for two weeks and always likes to make deals before he leaves. Thank goodness we decided to go today instead of tomorrow.

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Major! They are fantastic.