Monday, July 6, 2009

Official Visit

MDK-20090501-0017, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Isaac treated us to a tour of Gazillion studios. We can't say anything about what goes on there except that the game looks spectacular :-)

Reflecting on our visit, one thing that was striking was that basically every desk had some type of array of toys. The most impressive site was someone's desk who had at least 50 action figures, still in the original packaging meticulously hung covering all the walls of his/her cube. What was even better is that they were Simpsons action figures, which I didn't even know existed.

Isaac's desk had a few toys, but was mainly decked out in paper lanterns. One of my favorite touches is that Isaac took a cool bamboo rug and wrapped it around one of the industrial cabinets (right hand side of the photo). The whole place has a strong atmosphere of creativity and collaboration, which you can feel even without folks running around working (it was Sunday). Many of the walls are painted such that they can be used as whiteboards which allows for a lot of space to organize development and share work that's going on.

Walking around you can see that everyone works hard and plays hard. An arsenal of Nerf weapons litter the landscape (including Isaac's homebrew Nerf blowgun). They have a game room with two big-screen TVs with all of the major consoles, as well as ping-pong and pool tables. The vending machines and coke machines are all free.

Geek cred runs high, I even saw a Commodore 64 in one of the offices :-)

Thanks to Isaac for taking us around, it was great fun!

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