Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hung up

Hangar One

In the pursuit of all things cocktail and interesting local food/drink. Lisa and Kerry found Hangar One and the St. George Distillery. After a good nom in the Ferry building, including a beautiful tasty latte from Blue Bottle Coffee, we boarded the ferry to Oakland with the monkies and seven of their friends.

MDK-20090501-0017, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

The ferry exposed us to a side of the Bay Area that most don't see on a tour of San Francisco. The port of Oakland is quite impressive with several huge container ships and tons and tons of containers.

MDK-20090501-1186, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Once we got off the ferry, it was short walk over to the Hangar.

MDK-20090501-1168, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Yep Hangar One is in an old Hangar on the retired Alameda Air Base. The tasting room and the distillery is a really cool space with lots of character. We got to taste all of the different brandies, liquors, and liqueurs that they offer including some kickin' absinthe.

MDK-20090501-1177, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Kerry and Isaac's friends are as cool as Kerry and Isaac so you know we had a great time.

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