Sunday, July 12, 2009

an ace in the hole

3709828913_53454b3e67 MDK-20090710-1251, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Here in Portland, we stayed at the Ace Hotel. It was featured in the New York Times frugal traveler's recent article on Portland and it was also well rated in the lonely planet guide.

Some of you have already heard this story, but I'll retell it here anyway. Lisa's been getting into cocktails lately and she ran into a great drink blog - She wanted to make sure that if we ever came to visit Portland that we checked out he restuarant/bar where Jeffrey works - Clyde Commons. After we booked our hotel, we went to see where it was in relation to the other things around Portland that we had staked out to see. It turns out that Clyde Commons is actually attached to the Ace Hotel! Also attached to the hotel is a stumptown coffee, which is oh-so sweet.

When we first arrived, I saw a bunch of folks sitting on couches around the old rescued hotel sign in the picture in the lobby. Working and playing on mac laptops with Andrew Bird playing in the background. It was a beautiful thing.

Our room is modern chic, has a glass shower and fun graffiti style art on one wall. One of the best things about the room is the "work area" that is just a simple table with two chairs - perfect for two laptops. The bed is low to the ground with a mattress - straight out of 'design out of reach'.

We'll definitely be staying in another Ace if we get the chance (click through for big-stitched panorama).

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Isaac said...

Man, you jsut kicked Portland way up on the list :)

... said...

I wanna go! And the hotel room does look perfect. I can't wait to hear more!