Monday, June 1, 2009


MDK-20090501-0974, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

We always end up doing fun stuff with Leon and Heather and Saturday night was no exception. We ventured to the state fairgrounds to see the Naptown Roller Girls (NRG) compete against a Fort Wayne Squad. I remember watching roller derby back in the day on bad public access cable. Let me tell you that this event did not disappoint that fond memory.  The evening was Star Wars themed, which provided more-than-ample people watching opportunities. I realized after the event that I didn't take any photos of the roller-derby action. Part of the Star Wars theme was a fundraiser for Girls, Inc. that included me being "arrested". More info and pictures on the Kelly blog for more pictures.

We had a great time and ended up at Greek Islands for dinner. The food was excellent, but the people watching was even better with a talkative belly dancer, and the patriarch breaking plates in excitement.

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