Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cleaning up the world, one nail at a time.

MDK-20090501-0884, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Out enjoying the beautiful weather a few days ago, and noticed that after turning off of Ind-67 onto Ind-39 that the bike started handling a little wonky. Got off to find a big nail in the rear tire (no picture, camera was at home). Luckily I was close to KT and Chris' house and limped the bike over there. After trying fruitlessly to use an AutoZone plug, Chris took me home.

I returned two days later to get the wheel off of the bike ready to bite the bullet and buy a new rear tire (>$200). The current tire was no where near worn and less than one year old :-(. Apparently, the guys at Cycle Outfitters can plug and patch motorcycle tires from the inside, which is about $50, needless to say it was a good day at the motorcycle store.

Now, I'll just have to see how it rides!

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