Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Hive

MDK-20090501-0920, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Got to go out and check on the bees again. Lisa and Chris have added the second hive body, and the bees are filling the empty frames with comb, nectar and brood. The best news is that no one got stung this time. As you can see, the bee keepers decided to start wearing veils after Chris' eye was almost swollen shut.

The big news for the day was that they found the queen, who hadn't been sighted on a few previous looks into the hive. Look for the red-dot just right of center.

MDK-20090501-0921, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New G10 Fan

MDK-20090501-0907, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Leon wanted to get a proper camera before the baby got here, and while he's stuck here waiting for the kid to arrive, it's a good time to learn some new tricks. We headed to Roberts and picked up a new G10.

I haven't written too much about my Canon Powershot G10
, but I absolutely love it. There are two fitting descriptions:

1) A serious photographer's point-and-shoot.
2) A good first camera for someone who wants to be more serious.

I'm definitely a #1 and Leon's a #2, so it works well for both of us.

I also sold Leon on this book: Understanding Digital Photography: Techniques for Getting Great Pictures

Which he has been reading during all of his downtime, and seems to be learning really quickly.

Today we ventured out to Eagle Creek Park, and shot some good pics despite the dreary overcast Indiana weather.


MDK-20090501-0903, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Cleaning up the world, one nail at a time.

MDK-20090501-0884, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Out enjoying the beautiful weather a few days ago, and noticed that after turning off of Ind-67 onto Ind-39 that the bike started handling a little wonky. Got off to find a big nail in the rear tire (no picture, camera was at home). Luckily I was close to KT and Chris' house and limped the bike over there. After trying fruitlessly to use an AutoZone plug, Chris took me home.

I returned two days later to get the wheel off of the bike ready to bite the bullet and buy a new rear tire (>$200). The current tire was no where near worn and less than one year old :-(. Apparently, the guys at Cycle Outfitters can plug and patch motorcycle tires from the inside, which is about $50, needless to say it was a good day at the motorcycle store.

Now, I'll just have to see how it rides!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A stinging good time

MDK-20090501-00860, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Went out to visit Lisa and Chris' bee hive, or "the girls" as Lisa likes to call them. For some reason, they loved to get caught up in Katie's hair and she got stung once on the side of the head. There were some spots on the hive where they were making unwanted honeycomb and we had to scrape it off with the hive tool. I accidentally squished a bee while scraping comb and you could hear and see a change in the whole hive - everyone was definitely angry and started to gather around the poor squished girl.

MDK-20090501-00867, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

This photo shows a closeup of one of the frames that they brought down from Napanee. It has honey in progress in the upper right, with completed and capped honey cells in the bottom middle.

I did get stung once when they were getting agitated. Turns out I have a pretty strong reaction - nothing throat swelling, but I have a pretty big hive on my arm (about 4 inches) from only one sting. I'll have to see how then next one goes, but I may be avoiding the bees in the future.

Click one of the photos for a few more select images.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning began with a trip to the Coroner's office where Leon works.  We got to see a partial (head-only) autopsy on a patient who had a large hemorrhagic stroke.  Apparently, Leon is always busy at work unless there are visitors that want to see an autopsy.

We then headed out to the Kelly's 2nd home a.k.a. Starlite Kibanda (blue marker). Which is on the other side of Pike's peak (red marker). Go ahead and click on the map to zoom, etc and see just how beautiful and isolated their new place is.

View Starlite Kibanda in a larger map

We passed through Manitou Springs on our way, and had lunch at a great little place called Adams Mountain Cafe. Outside in the waiting area, there was an actual spring (see photo), with a spigot that you could use to get water. I had never seen such a thing and could just imagine pepsico surrounding such natural beauty with a stainless steel monstrosity to bottle and sell the new liquid gold.

MDK-20090501-0692, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

MDK-20090501-0694, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Brunch was awesome. Lisa had some amazing Huevos Rancheros -

MDK-20090501-0697, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

We finished the short trip out to Starlite Kibanda. It was really great to see in real life having seen all of the great pictures on the Kelly blog. Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment.

View from the deck (there will be a railing when finished).

MDK-20090501-0700, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Sweet siding made out of tree bark - this stuff would normally be thrown away.

MDK-20090501-0701, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

View from the main room (with Lisa and Heather)

MDK-20090501-0702, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

View from the master bedroom

MDK-20090501-0705, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

It would be impossible to describe all of the wicked smart cool things that the Kellys have done with the house. In addition to the smart materials that they have chosen the have done other really smart things - like using all off-the-shelf windows.  They put stock windows together in interesting combinations to save big money.  The number of decisions that they have made for this single house total more than many people make in a lifetime.  It will truly be a unique, georgeous house when it's done and I can't wait to see it.

Sunday, we had brunch at Flavors on Tejon, which was good except for the service.  We also walked to the Colorado Springs art museum, where Leon found some sweet mexican folk art.

MDK-20090501-0720, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Dinner was at Nosh, a super cute tapas place that has 4/$24 on Sunday nights. They served some pretty sweet cocktails - and the food was excellent too. The best thing of the night was a mix between caprese salad and bruschetta that was amazing.

All in all it was a perfect trip and we were soo happy to see Leon and Heather. It's always amazing how it seems like no time has past when you see really good friends. It will be great to see them again so soon in May.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday in the Springs

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We got to sleep in and then hang out with Leon. We ate some awesome tacos at a newish local place in Colorado Springs called La'au's I had some amazing mahi-mahi tacos, with Napa cabbage, and tasty salsa.

We then went to see Wolverine - I didn't know that actual wolves were showing up, but this guy sat down in front of us.

MDK-20090501-0686, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

All of us enjoyed the movie, which was well done.

Dinner was at a pretty crazy, but really good restaurant called Little Nepal, which, despite it's name served Indian food. The food was really tasty, but the decor was totally a cheesy remnant of the three restaurants that preceeded Little Nepal including crazy glass etchings of water foul, and golfers on the booths.

The evening ended with an exciting dance recital from an Indian dance company from New York that was visiting Colorado College.