Monday, April 20, 2009

Radiologists are geeks!

MDK-20090417-0589, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.
When you can get 16 people to come to a LAN party just from advertising on an e-mail list, you know you're geeks.

Seriously Dr. Teague graciously hosted 16 people to play Unreal Tournament 2004 - which sucked hard on my macbook pro. Apparently, the unreal engine has no love for OpenGL. Guess I should have used boot camp.

I really only wanted to post this as an excuse to post this picture of Dewey. His facial expression did not change all night while playing.

MDK-20090417-0597, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.


Heather said...

You could have written this in Chinese and I would have understood it as well. What the hell are you even saying??

Heitkampfam said...

Ha! This is the best. I have a feeling this photo will find its way into the senior banquet. Strong work.

Isaac said...

Haha, So awesome!