Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Broken in Baltimore

With the exception of the 10 hour drive yesterday, which thankfully went incredibly smoothly, it seemed like I couldn't catch a break.  I navigated to the apartment complex without any difficulty (thanks Garmin), and met Lillian - the medical student who I'm subletting from.  Lisa and I had figured from the sound of her e-mails that she wasn't a native english speaker, but we were wrong, she just has crappy e-mail communication skills.  

Once we finally got together she showed me to my home for the next four weeks.  Turns out she and I have a different idea of "furnished".  I guess that it was wrong for me to expect that each room would have at least one light.  In fact my "living room" has no light at all.  My bedroom has a single dollar store torchiere and I get to enjoy fluorescents in the kitchen reminescent of my own medical school crapartment.   All of the walls are that creamy "never really been painted color".  Four weeks, great.

To make matters better, it turns out that my car is now two elevator rides (from 3 up to 7 and then back down to 2).  So moving all of my stuff into the place becomes an ordeal.  At least six trips later, I get everything moved in and realize that the "wall internet" service is lacking a cable, and I didn't bring one.  So about the only thing good for the night was that I was able to find a Best Buy (thanks again Garmin), and made off with an open-item cable for $4!  I hate overpaying for cables, so this was a welcome relief.  All of that only to find that the internet service in the building only very nearly rivals Kenya, and I'm not even joking.

I start getting things unpacked and go to put the provided linens on my twin bed, only to find that they're for a queen.  As they are hideous and floral, so I get out the queen sheets that I brought for the air mattress that I brought for when Lisa comes to visit.  But wait, things just keep getting better.  Around 9P I realize that it's getting awfully chilly in the apartment, and check the thermostat.  It's set on 75 and it's actually 65!  The heat didn't work all night and I woke up to a <60 degree apartment.  Needless to say, I took a little extra time in a hot shower just to thaw out my feet.  Now I know what Lisa feels like on a daily basis.

Today was better, I met with the folks that I'm going to be spending time with and I think that it's going to be really good.  There are tons of opportunities for publication, and nearly all of them address a need in my own experience.  I think that the one that I'm centered on is describing the tools and tricks that form the foundation of an agile imaging informatics shop.  Definitely 100% up my alley.


Jon said...

Love that dorm room torchiere! Brings me right back to freshman year...

Isaac said...

Ouch... those are a few of the elements that I abso-lutely don't miss about the ol' college days. Four weeks man... that's pretty epic. Good luck! (I hope you brought your PS3)

Marc said...

PS3 huh....another sore spot. No TV provided, so no PS3. The plan was to play GTA IV all month, but I had to settle for LocoRoco 2 on PSP.