Monday, March 16, 2009

Baltimore Welcoming Committee

MDK-20090315-0548, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.
Well, on Saturday night we had a visit from the Baltimore Welcome Wagon. They decided that they really wanted my GPS, and thought it would be a good idea to smash out my driver's side window.

Talking with some of the other folks at work today it turns out that it's such a problem here that normal, regular people take the suction cups off of their windshields and carry windex to scrub off the suction cup marks. These thugs will bust out your car window with just a suction cup mark on the windshield.

Anyway, things in Baltimore aren't all bad. We had nice time at the National Aquarium with Scott and Summer. The dolphin show was pretty standard, but they had the cutest, tiniest tree frogs that we'd ever seen and some pretty impressive saltwater fish displays that wrapped around nearly the whole place.

MDK-20090315-0541, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

We also had some wicked awesome Thai food in the Federal Hill neighborhood ( with some new friends Ross and Meg. The connections between Lisa and I and Ross and Meg are actually pretty uncanny. Ross is finishing up radiology residency (check), and doing an informatics/MRI fellowship (check). Meg is a lawyer (check) who has recently finished school, and she's also a vegeterian (check). Pretty crazy huh.

Well that's it for now. If you don't here from me a few days, don't worry, someone probably stole my laptop.


Lisa said...

you totally forgot to caption that picture that that is my *pinkie* not my forefinger! That little froggy was s-m-a-l-l...

Marc said...

sorry, it made it into the flickr caption, but not the blog :-)

Heitkampfam said...

Hmmm. Ross and Meg are a bunch of nut cases. JK. Wow, timy frog. Bet it tastes bitter. Was your GPS in plain view. Too bad.. It got you there and everything. It was one of the brightpoints of day 1.

We miss you, Pookie.


Marc said...

hehehe, the GPS hanger was on the windshield. guess I'm going beanbag from now on.