Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend + Friends Continued

This is my friend and colleague Kelvin (a.k.a. Kev-o).  He works with me in the radiology department doing 'computer stuff'.  He's a hard worker and a great guy to hang around with.

This weekend I got a bunch of work done which was good.  The server software has been nearly completely upgraded and is working pretty well so far, so I'm very happy.  This was a major jump, so there was some anxiety about making sure it went well.

Joe and Sarah Ellen have returned to Eldoret which has been really nice.  We went to the Oasis and had chicken, chips, and a chocolate milk shake with Peptang (as it should be).  

I have a bunch of work to do so I'm going to sign off.  Enjoy your gratuitous dog photos for the day.


Lisa said...

I hope the peptang was for your chips and not your shake...

Marc said...

Pick on the the tired overworked guy.