Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Order in the Chaos

This image, I think provides a good description of what its like to work in Kenya.  Things are just a bit different.  At first glance the scaffold surrounding the building seems haphazard and insane.  It is especially unfathomable given western standards - this definitely isn't OSHA compliant!  I was marveling at the creation with one of my Kenyan friends who informed me that there is much more order here than I would have guessed: the trees are a very rare, valuable type that are very strong, light and thin.  The 'scaffold' is completely reusable - every joint will be untied and the sticks will be moved to the next construction site.  Despite looking disordered and useless, someone definitely put some thought and effort into the process.  The bottom line is the same: it provides a functional scaffold that allows completion of the task.  Working in Kenya frequently feels like a hacked together scaffold, but at the end of the day, it just makes an accomplishment that much more rewarding.
Yeah, there's a guy up there :-)
This is a shot of the road leading back to the IU house.  Everyday has been gorgeous with blue skies and wonderful fluffy white clouds.
Gratuitious puppy shot for the day (he was stretching).  Will snap some more dog photos in the AM before they cash out for the day.

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Isaac said...

Great commentary on the developmental state there. There is a kind of chaotic beauty to the scaffolding... and it looks like more fun to climb around on then the kinds we use here :D