Sunday, January 25, 2009


No picture for this post, mainly because I didn't want to have my camera stolen.  After two previous trips to Kenya, I finally broke down and went out to a club here in Eldoret called Spree.  Turns out that clubs in Kenya are just about like clubs in the states with a few subtle differences a summary is below:


  1. About 3:1 ratio of boys chasing scantly clad women
  2. Abundant alcoholic beverages
  3. A television was never out of eyesight
  1. The televisions play soccer 24/7 - Kenyans are big fans of the English premier league
  2. Not as much smoke - cigarettes are expensive
  3. Nearly all of the scantly clad women in similarity #1 were "working women"
  4. The music and lights frequently went out for a few moments before someone started the generator
I went with Martin, and another Kenyan doctari friend of his as well as Rachel Vreeman.  We ran into one of the IU house drivers (Javan?) there as well.  Javan seemed to know nearly all the girls in the place, and thought it was pretty funny to have the working girls pay attention to me.  One girl put her arms around me and kissed my cheek saying "I love you so much".  I was just happy that she didn't vomit on me as she was W-A-S-T-E-D.  Of course, I was one of only 3 mzungu in the place so there was a lot of staring.  Rachel got even more attention, including from a boy who attempted to kiss her without invitation - we decided that it was time to go after that.  All-in-all a new experience that I won't soon forget.  I had just washed my jeans and didn't think to change out of them before going out so I had to do laundry again today :-(


wowa said...

Can't believe you went out. Should have come to Mt. Elgon! Holding you to a going away beer.

Jus said...

I have read so much about spree from many of the pharmacy/med student blogs. It never sounds fun.