Monday, January 5, 2009

A Rough Way to Start

Well, it turns out that quarter 'til six and 6:45 aren't the same thing, although without much sleep yesterday I was thinking that they were. So, at 5:45 this AM I got a call from the center desk telling me that my driver was ready and waiting - crap. I had stuff strewn all over the room and packed like crazy, obviously no time to shower. Then, hurrying I fell down the stairs in the hotel carrying all of my gear.

I after I stood up I checked all of the important things: my laptop was intact, as was the Kindle *phew*. Oh and yeah, I'm alright too.

Definitely hope that doesn't foreshadow things to come for the rest of the trip.

Went in to the hospital and it was great to see all of the familiar faces. Evelyn, who I was great friends during my first trip has completed her advanced training in CT and has returned to MTRH.

The jetlag is hitting pretty hard right now so I'm going to sign off before I do more stupid things.

1 comment:

Stoneman56 said...

So glad to see you've arrived.
Hope the rest will help.
We will be looking forward to future information.
Take care.
The Ft. Wayne Harley Guys....