Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No Trauma Today

Today I met with Dr. Kimutai, who is the new head of the radiology department.  We had a nice long chat about the future of MTRH Radiology.  It turns out that they face similar challenges to radiology department stateside - facing higher and higher volumes of studies with fewer resources and increasing levels of expected service.  Additionally, Joe Mamlin is pushing to perform chest X-rays at many, many more of the rural sites which will increase the volume substantially.  

In order to deal with the volume, we're exploring using a specially trained clinical officer (kind of like a PA) or a radiographer (X-ray tech) to read chest x-rays under the supervision of a radiologist.  With the database that we have in place we have the opportunity to do some really cool validation studies and to continuously moniter the quality of the non-physician readers, just to get our research feet wet.

In talking with Kimutai, I learned something else really interesting: in Kenya outside the public hospitals consultants expect radiologists to perform their own ultrasounds.  Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) is a public hospital, which is why they have been able to integrate the wildly progressive idea of a sonographer.  I hadn't realized that private hospitals didn't have sonographers until today.

Also big news: Eldoret now has two MRI machines (both in private hospitals). Both are low-field < 1 T.  Dr. Kimutai has started a neuroradiology conference with the neurosurgeons where they review CT and a few MR scans on Thursday mornings, so that should be interesting to attend!

Call me old-school, but Kenya just isn't the same now that they have actual Ketchup.

Dog pic for the day:

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This was a very interesting read. It looks so beautiful, and the dogs are just too cute. I hope you are safe and happy. Take care and keep sending these colorful insights into the world you are in right now.