Saturday, January 24, 2009

My New Ride

Just kidding!  In all seriousness, one of the things that is markedly different during this trip is the arrival of the cheap 250cc chinese motorcycle which has instantly become ubiquitous.  The quaint boda-bodas (bike taxis) have been replaced by loud, daredevil motorcycle taxis.  The whole trend is disturbing, not only from a resource utilization standpoing, but as Brett pointed out - what are Kenyans doing with all of the time that's being saved with motorcycles?  

The bird walk today was pretty cool, we drove out of town until we came across a little "road" that went off to the left.  We proceeded down the cow path to a tiny farm close to the Kaptagat forest.  We walked around and saw many pretty sunbirds, and a spectacular pair of Hartlaub's Turacos.  On the way back to the house we pulled off another "road" and found a family of colobus monkies which were also great to see.  All of this was within 10 km of Eldoret!

Heather, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I was trying to pack light for this trip. I've actually sold my big lens, so that I can get a better version in July, so it wouldn't have been worth lugging that big monster here anyway.  Next time :-)

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